With Metal Design stairs are no longer just purely functional place. They become a unique decoration and the center of any building. Our stairs are characterised by stable, metal construction which is combined with materials of high quality. The final step surface may be made of wood, stone, glass or metal.

Thinking of a baluster you think of safety. It could not be any different because that is the role of a railing. Our role is to use proven, structural solutions which will make your space safe and inimitable. The materials we use to make this part of the construction always stay coherent to the environment.

Using glass in architecture means obtaining maximum space and light. Optical enlargement and a possibility of dividing the interior into spheres are just examples of other benefits. We like to use them that is why you will also find them in our offer.

Despite being sometimes associated with unhomelike, the plain forms and stark décor of the industrial style have many followers. When combined with wood, it may create fancy interiors perfect for individuals.